Challenge Your Friends to Some Colorful Fun

Schedule a gelTag event with your closest buddies in Pennsylvania

Gel Blaster Parties are perfect for all as it'll keep your group outside and active! (Up to 16 players per session)

Gel Blasters are like a nerf guns that shoot gel orbee balls called Gellets. The impact from the Gel Blasters is far less than a paintball or airsoft BB. Gel Blaster games usually take place on the smaller fields and are a great way to get outside and have some fun.

-Group Package ( 12 players): $499 for your 90 minute event.

-Players will recieve:

Gel Blaster
Face shield
1000 Gellets (ammo)

-Each additional fill of 1,000 Gellets is $10

For additional time, contact us!
Additional guest $15

Gel Blaster FAQ

Does it hurt?

Gel Blasters are ulra-low impact and it is very little sting when wearing at least one layer of clothing.

How long will the 1600 balls last?

It all depends on the individual. Gel Blasters are automatic electronic guns so if you squeeze and hold the trigger it can shoot about 10 balls a second so we encourage all players to pull the trigger in short bursts. On average most players who are conservative with the trigger go through the 1600 in 90 minutes.

Will it leave a mess?

Gellets are made out of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), an all natural, non-toxic, non-irritating, starch-based material. Gellets burst on contact and immediately begin to evaporate, leaving No Stain...No Residue...No Mess!

If we run out of Gellets (ammo) is our party over? No you can buy more Gellets for only $10 for 1000 Gellets.

Field Set Up:

We can set up virtually anywhere. We provide:

Up to 10 pop up tents (Depending on field size) for hiding or running around for cover.
A blue tooth subwoofer for the guest to enjoy their favorite music hits while in game play.
16 gel blast Guns and face protection.
3 laser taggers to prep those waiting with target practice.
Lots of fun, keeps the guest active while giving you a brake to catch up with friends and family.
Social Distancing outdoor/indoor activity.